Vital Notes

Robotic Art. Sculpture of Seduction, Spiritual Totem of Collective Awareness.

The Vital Note as Symbol of Interconnection and Inspiration to Restore the Damage.

A Vital Note is an imaginatively accessible, dynamically organic primal form that is modeled by a robot from recycled plastic, symbolizing our time of automation and our need to think in a more sustainable way.

The musical note, the snake and the antherozoid

The basic shape is inspired by the shape of a musical note  (tone, ambiance and mood), a snake (ready to act, to defend), and an antherozoid, symbolizing tireless purposeful mission to fertilize.

Automation creates an artistically interesting ‘performance of machine’ of a robot arm that cuts out the shape in a smooth cadence.

This conceptual art project is in the execution at the intersection of robotic sculpture, painting, airbrushing, performance art, video art and design.